The Impossible Project

Due to the discontinuation of film a group of people including some from the Save Polaroid website, avid fans, collectors and previous Polaroid employees banded together and created The Impossible Project.
They bought the last working machinery with the intention to produce new film, however Polaroid would not release the secret's to the chemistry of the film so The Impossible Project had to start right at the beginning.
They have since produced black and white film for SX-70 cameras, 600 cameras and even spectra cameras, these are known as the Impossible Silver shade films. (PX 100, PX 600, PZ600) They have also released an Impossible Colour shade film for SX-70 cameras (PX-70) with plans to create a 600 equivalent in time for summer.
They currently sell these films, along with original expired film and various other accessories in their online shop.